Sunday, January 8, 2012

Radio Silence

Is that even a used term anymore? Well it looks like once I hit a year long goal, I tend to take some time off. I have many things to tell you but I have no photos to show you so I've been talking my Hubby's ear off instead.

Gus is doing pretty good now. He is still mad when I wake him up at night to check on him, so he decided that I should be up feeding him at 5:30 this morning. Hey if he can not get breakfast in bed anymore he should at least be able to request it at any time he wants, right?

I already have two knitting firsts this year, joined a knit along (KAL) and started knitting my thrummed mittens. I must admit we had a cold snap and my little fingerless mitts are not cutting it. I need to find my Norwegian mittens but I really would like to have more mittens too. I've been fighting the urge for a while and made a split second decision to join in since I had the kit at home. I'm not sure I am doing it right, as what I have now resembles a wacky troll doll. Wait till you see it then tell me I am wrong, nope.

D experienced a knitting first too, although he probably does not realize it. The last two projects that came off my needles were for him. I've never done back to back projects for him. He is happily wearing his new socks, both pairs.

Well that is all I have for now, I'll look into taking some pictures to liven up the blog soon. Happy knitting.

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