Saturday, January 28, 2012

My sister

I was going through my linen closet the other day and found some treasures. Treasures that had been safely stowed away, without even an inaugural use. This is a clear Yarnkettle rule violation. I firmly believe that things should be used, not just saved for a special occasion that never seems to come. Normally on Thanksgiving and Christmas I pull out the fine china and serve dinner on it, even if it is just the two of us. 

Anyways back to my treasures that I need to use. My sister claims to not be crafty. Mom taught us to embroider, knit and sew. I did cross stitch for many years before I took up my knitting needles again. On one visit home I showed my sister how to knit again, since we had both forgotten what Mom taught us. The repetition drove my sister crazy and she now allows me to be the knitter sister. 

She on the other hand has taken up the sewing side of the needle arts. As witnessed by the following works.

Cross stitched kitties with milk and cookies on dish towels.

A fuzzy punch embroidered teapot on a tea towel.

Cross stitched poinsettia place mats and napkins.

Not pictured floral embroidered pillow cases, as they were in the wash.

Now seriously how can she say she is not crafty. The super impressive item that I did not get a picture of (pre-blog days) resides in her house. She embroidered the each of the 12 days of Christmas on a quilt block then actually made the quilt. Now that is dedication. I've seen it, it was beyond impressive! 

So the women in my family are indeed crafty. I can say that because it takes one to know one. My sister does the fine needle arts, I do the yarny needle arts and Mom sews, the machine needle arts. I think that makes us a trifecta. Plus we get and give really cool Christmas presents.


  1. Your sister needs to get her eyes checked because those are seriously impressive things! I've never had the patience for embroidery of any type, and I'm truly impressed by those that do. I would love to see that quilt!

    Yeah, you ladies sure are the crafty-trifecta!

  2. Thanks Adriene! Isn't it funny how some people can craft any type project and others circle in on just one thing. Good thing we have all different skills to share.