Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrumming back and forth

Last time we talked about them I was not knitting thrummed mittens but a troll doll instead. See those wispy ends? I know now that they are not intended to look like that. I have ripped back and started that section over. 

What a difference some research can make. On the left is the original thrums or what I thought was thrums. On the right is the correct thrum shape, the roving folded back on itself making a bow tie shape. I am still quite iffy on the size, but hey I am learning! How many times am I going to have to learn?

Playing with the roving certainly has triggered spinning urges in me. Dyed roving calls to me at all the festivals and yarn stores I go to. But honestly I've never seen the point. I am a product knitter, while I enjoy knitting I am really doing it to get something out of it. While spinning would give me yarn, I know I can buy yarn anytime I want. Then again based on that argument I should not even be a knitter, I can buy socks at anytime too.

It just seems to me that spinning has such a steep learning curve. You all know of course that in six months I'm going to have roving coming out my wazoo and three spindles. Any advice ya'll want to give me before I end up taking the plunge?


  1. Spinning.... do it... do it... do it....

  2. Advice: Get a spinning wheel. Spindles are yucky.