Sunday, March 29, 2015

On going

So when we last heard from our heroes (that would be me and D) they had one ripped up kitchen. Let's see what has happened since then.

Ah yes the decision that requires home work, new paint color selection.

I don't want to give away any spoilers but it is safe to assume the bigger color splotch is the color we liked best. The other one was a bit yellow and totally fades into nothingness in my opinion.

We had the old fluorescent light fixture removed.

And covered over. No more weird flickering light for us!

You can see the recessed lighting installed and the paint has gone up. Don't our old fridge and stove look especially pathetic sitting in the middle of the room?

However Jack always looks at the good in any situation. Especially when it includes big cardboard boxes for him to sit on. Why yes my home is in total chaos!

Well it looks like the recessed lighting is properly placed.

And since the boxes had disappeared, Jack found new ways to get into trouble.

Not bad for a little old man that is not quite as old as his elderly brother, Gus.

Check back again as our kitchen saga continues. You do all know there will be a big delay in posting the final pictures? I'm gonna bake my brains out for a couple of weeks once the kitchen is done. Ooh pictures of my baking on the new pretty counter tops. Oh I can barely wait! I've already pulled out my copy of King Arthur's Flour Baker's Companion and marked pages for testing. I am so going to make pineapple upside down cake, finally. I don't even know if I will like it, but I'm gonna try it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quiet...or not

Really I have a couple of good reasons for being quiet here, but let me show you the one that says the most. 

This was my kitchen about a month ago.

  Yeah I know the 70's called and they don't want that kitchen either.

Then in one day my kitchen disappeared.

OK fine I marched on and made scones one more time in here. But once the choking dust puffed in I was done.

I officially hate cooking all my food in the microwave too. Hate it! I am very thankful to have it but it is wearing thin at this point. I miss real food not heavily salted food.

I have not uploaded more recent pictures wherein my kitchen starts to look like a kitchen again. It is thrilling I tell you, Thrilling!

Jack is more thrilled by the notion that he does not have to stay locked in a room with his brother. Closed doors are the Devil's work in his opinion.

Gus is taking the chaos better than I hoped. But don't tell him that, it will only lead to bigger Greenies demands. And that bill is pretty darn high as is.

Speaking of Greenies someone is giving me "The Look" right now. I don't even want to contemplate the consequences of unfilled Greenies demands.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Proof of Knitting

I thought you should see that there has in fact been knitting going on at my house in spite of all the other things that are keeping me from you. 

We may have to move D to a bigger sock drawer. His tally is still no where near mine but he now has a decent rotation going.

These lovelies are my first foray into madelinetosh sock yarn. I really like to test out the yarns first so I can see which ones are tougher for D's mean feet. Yeah, I'm testing them for him sure, you believe me right?

Anyways with a nice manly colorway called Whiskey Barrel they were destined to be his. Plus he waited patiently at WEBS while I picked them and few other things out. I believe in rewarding good behavior.

And speaking of rewarding good behavior, I knit up some Rhinebeck 2014 yarn already.

I think this is my new favorite colorway in Socks That Rock, it is called Tea and Alchemy. I love it so much that I want to buy another skein just so I can enjoy knitting it all over again. I found myself petting the leftovers this morning. Yeah, I'm weird like that, but ya'll knew that already didn't you.

Another pair for D found their way off my needles this week, but alas refused to be photographed. Don't worry I am planning to surprise them early one morning before they're awake.

I promptly cast on a nice springy yarn for a pair of socks for me. Spring is coming right? I've heard rumors, but am afraid to believe them. For heaven sake 20 fells like a Caribbean heat wave.

I'm going to go work on some other responsibilities now so I can enjoy my knitting later.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Balance, Ha It Laughs in My Face

So I am still finding my way with all this balance stuff. I presented my first report as a church officer. I spent some time congratulating a knitting buddy. I have started a huge project at home and it is not knitting related.

I am getting things done but blogging and exercising seem to be taking a hit. Good thing I am still finding time to knit or the world just might end. It is a little off kilter I can tell because I have three socks on the needles and none of them are for me.

Today my car looked at me, said NOPE and would not start. It is cold I tell you, and snowy. I have to be extra careful when I exit my driveway. The snow banks obscure my view, unless you want to see snow then they have it all.

My boys are fighting less and huddling more. If it drops a few more degrees they may just declare their undying love for each other. At least until spring hits that is.

I've been reading and listening to books and am on track for my 52 book goal this year. I just have to remind myself this is not the time to take up reading Stephen King. All of his words would wreck havoc on my schedule.

Ya see that? It is time for Gus to get a pill and me to go to bed. If I start the battle early I may just win the war. Can't tell I am watching MASH on Netflix, can you?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Getting Back into Balance

Why haven't I been blogging? Thankfully it is not due to Gus being ill. December and January are not great months for him but we know that and work around it.

I've been all out of whack because I accepted a volunteer position at church. That is in addition to my paid full time job. It is a behind the scenes position that I am teaching myself. I am working with software that is new to me and learning without a manual. Always fun!

It has been a very interesting ride and I am looking forward to settling in and doing the job. But man oh man is it cutting into my knitting time. I may just have to start knitting during church just to catch up.

I have been trying not so well to balance every old thing with the new huge time sucking thing. turns out I don't really learn by osmosis. Which is good because I would have learned how to be a sheep by now with all the wool I touch.

So last week I learned that I have to take care of new things, and still take care of my exercise, home and family. I had shifted my priorities to accommodate my new work load and it was time to shift them again. It turns out there are not grocery fairies like I hoped there were. At least I had enough toilet paper to make it through.

This weekend I devoted to getting some things done. It is still not entirely the way I want it but I got quite a few things done and am feeling more like myself.

And yes that new self includes being Legion trivia champs two months in a row. OK, we were co-champs in January but it still counts. February can be credited to my lucky Adriene socks. I guess they were lucky from the start.

Yep those are the socks that I made from the yarn Adriene sent me as part of a yarn swap. It is good to have understanding internet friends. Adriene, if you did not guess your package is late going out. It was one of the things that never quite made it to the scale for balancing. This week, I promise!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warmer ears

A couple of years ago I made a hat. Remember it?

I remember it because it has been my only successful hat...ever. I must have a bowling ball shaped head because this round beret is the only hat I've made that will stay on my head. As good as I am making socks I am horrible making hats. Well not making hats they look nice, they just fit me horribly. I was so proud of that hat that I gave it to my Mom. 

My thought at the time was I can always make another. Yeah I could've but I didn't. Socks must just hold all my fascination. I kept on knitting sock after sock and even a few sweaters. Oh heck I even tried another hat. Not that I've taken a picture of it or told you anything about it.

Finally the other day I thought to head is cold! I should probably make another hat that I know has decent odds of being worn. So I did.

Modeled here by His Royal Cattiness Gustav the Magnificent.

Woman, you're trying my patience!
You know I prefer shawls to hats.

I made this one even a bit longer so it is even less tempted to pop up off my ears. Yeah I am pretty happy with it even if Gus is not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coming soon

I have some leg warmers ready to be washed and shipped off to South Dakota. No not the real leg warmers, the formerly a pair of socks leg warmers.

See proof of knitting. They came back together rather quickly. I know I spent more time thinking and worrying about them than actual reknitting time. Here is hoping they will help.

I even bought the yarn for the "real" leg warmers. I went with Valley Yarns Superwash DK. Steel grey told me it wanted to go live in South Dakota.

Now I just need to wash the brown pair, take measurements and ship them off. They may need to live in the laundry room for a while. I've done a couple of loads of sweaters but always forget to toss them in the load. That is what you do when they live in the place of honor for finished objects. Yeah, that would be the arm of the couch. It is where all my knitting lives for some time of its life.

Then I'll need to find a pattern, knit a swatch and have all the fun knitting them. I have big plans...still.