Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Word games

Over the Christmas break, Hubby and I played some word games. He loves Scrabble but I am severely deficient in that game so he has learned to make allowances for me. You know he has to entice me to play one way or another and I'm usually the one that makes dinner so withholding food is not really a threat.

So how can you get a non Scrabbler to Scrabble? 1) Don't keep score. There is nothing quite as disheartening as losing by hundreds at Scrabble. 2) Let me use the dictionary. I get so focused on a possible word that I can not see any others unless I look them up, and really that does not help as much as I would like it to. 3) Let me make up words as I need them. Who cares that the dictionary does not recognize Huggers? It would have been an awesome score for me. Alas D could not get behind new rule 3 as I would have liked. So poor Huggers will go unrecognized.

I think we should get extra points for using most of the board space. D tells me that many really good players will not play with novices because they tend to use smaller words and clog the board up. See what he has to put up with to get me to play with him? Lots of small words on that board, alas.

D received the game Bananagrams from me this year. We found it amusing to make up our own rules and make a giant word puzzle. I can not tell you how fun it is to play with letter tiles. Yes, I do know that I amuse easily. Have you see what I can do with a couple of sticks and string?

So we found word games to be quite amusing while trapped inside. I hear there is some weather coming our way I should make sure we have the tiles easily accessible.

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