Friday, January 13, 2012

Ya think?

Does anyone else think that I may be knitting a Troll doll and just not know it?

This is my first thrummed mitten and I am pretty sure that I am doing it wrong. Actually I have taken it back to the cuff and started over with the thrums after doing just a bit more research. I may be on the right track now but I'm still not sure. I'll show what I've changed in another post.  We'll see if you agree or if I need to do more.  I'm using the recommended 3.75mm needles but I may need to change that too.


  1. That's a cool photo!

    I've been thinking about making thrummed slippers. So far, the research I've done has shown the thrums to be made separately and then knitted into your work as shown here:

  2. I just had a dream that my hubby was knitting a thrummed mitten... Whoa...

  3. Thanks for the link Adriene. It was very informative. And yes I've been doing it wrong. Time to start over once again.
    Was your hubby knitting the thrums correctly? Hope they turned out lovely at least in your dream that is.