Saturday, January 14, 2012

New goodies

I think a part of me really loves Christmas because I can ask for books. I love books; knitting books, cookbooks, mysteries and romance. Books hold all the power in the world, they give us knowledge. But only if you use them. I tend to check out many books from the library, proceed to flip through them, renew them once or twice and finally return them without learning all that I could from them. Maybe that is why I love receiving books for Christmas, I never have to give them back all that potential stays with me.

This year I received a two cookbooks, two knitting books and two mysteries. Three of which did not make it into the photo because I forgot to get them from the bedroom. What? Where do you read your cookbooks? In the kitchen? How odd!

I've drooled over both the patterns and the recipes in these books. I look forward to making things from all of them. See what I mean by potential?

At D's suggestion I took some of my Christmas bonus and went on a mini yarn crawl. I confirmed that not only could I look at yarn I could indeed buy yarn too. I left the Hubby home sleeping after a nice long run and took myself off to a couple of local yarn stores. I of course found a few things to purchase. Yay!

First up I bought a new bag by Crippenworks. A nice little sturdy sock bag, or mitten bag if I so choose. If you ever have the opportunity to get something made by her take it. I have a DPN case from my second Rhinebeck trip that I dearly love. The fabric she uses is nice and hefty, it may even be an upholstery type of fabric. Trumpet Hill had a few bags in stock and I hemmed and hawed quite a bit till I remembered my personality and taste; dark fabric to hide any dirt and one that stands upright without a helping hand. Isn't it lovely?

Second I found the stitch markers I needed and made my first ever Noro purchase. Noro yarn was very hip when I first started knitting. I did not have an appreciation for any yarn that was not perfectly soft. By the time I found I could knit things that I would not need to wear like a tea pot cozy, the yarn was disappearing from my local shelves. Well on this visit it was back so I will have a crazy colored cozy, one of these days.

At the second yarn store I followed my own personal rule. Wait let me tell you how I shop then you will understand better. I like to go in and absorb it all first. I notice colors and yarn brands, I touch what needs to be touched and make a few rounds around the store. Then I usually circle back to the things that caught my eye initially. If after all that I realize that I've picked up the same yarn three or more times, it needs to come home with me. I mean really if I can walk away from it three times and it keeps calling me back, I know that I really like the color.

This skein told me it wants to be mittens. Lovely fall colored, soft, merino wool/alpaca/silk blend mittens. I think my persnickety wrists should not have issues with that blend right?

Oh as you can see I found new needles to try also. I do so love wooden sock needles. And you know I am no where near being a monogamous knitter. Sometimes I think I have all my 2.25mm needles in use and still want to cast another sock on. Not right now mind you but on any other given day.

My first sock club yarn from Sweet Georgia is in the mail, maybe I need to keep my new needles free so I can cast on when it gets here? No one heard that maniacal laugh just then did they? Oh good, carry on!


  1. Ooooo, Brave New Knits! Love that book! I love Araucania in general because the first few skeins I got were on sale and was addicted from then forward. Enjoy your new goodies!

  2. Thanks I will. I am falling in love with Araucania, more and more every day.