Monday, July 31, 2017

He gets me

If ever I think the Hubby does not appreciate my knitting (I don't ever think that)...

Yeah, he gets me. My gesture of love is turned into his gesture of love.
Heart U made of hand knit socks. Yay me!!

Burt are you the arrow in Daddy's heart for Momma?

Sure Momma whatever you need to tell yourself.
I, Burt the Cat, am an expression of love for you.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Something to look forward to

Momma!! She is here, the Burtebago is here!!
Yep all vehicles are girls in our family. Momma says it is something to do with growing up on a farm?! I don't get it either, but she's the Momma so that is how we roll.

Oh Momma, it has a rear access port. 

And a front access port too!

Daddy says she is the Catillac, I like that name too. 

Can I get vanity plates that say RDWRER? What is a Road Warrior anyways? Is it something I can aspire to?

Now if the world is not too loud, too hot (this will not be our week for that) or too crazy, we should be able to enjoy walks together. Hey Daddy, we would love it if you came too!

I did pretty darn good on my two test walks didn't I?

Yes Burtie my boy you are on your way to being a RDWRER. Enjoy that post walk nap you're having.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Still looking back

So yeah I'm still a bit caught up in all the changes that have occurred in the last year. Today marks my arrival in Portland a year ago. So many feelings are only now being processed. I love living in Oregon but I'm still missing NY too. I'm slowly working through. At least it is not quite as hot and I am not unpacking boxes.

I've started enjoying some "new life in Oregon" things. We've taken a few hikes in Forest Park. My legs are learning to forgive me the effort. They protest that they were not climbing hills a year ago why should they start now? The scenery is just beautiful. Big tall trees covered in moss, very Seussical. I'll see if I can get a picture one of these times to show you what a Seussical tree looks like.

And now I've just set myself off again. I looked back through Facebook to see if I could find a Seussical tree picture and hit the section when D's accident occurred. Wow were there a lot of people praying for us in that difficult time. I'm pretty much a "put your head down and get through the rough patch" kind of girl. I never did really cry or get emotional during that time. I mean hell yeah I freaked out some when he kept passing out, but as far as processing my emotions and the scariness of it all? Nope, I'm not done yet, I may only be starting down that path. 

We took the opportunity to bask in the loveliness that is have a local winery. Having a nice chat with new friends in the shade looking at the vines and bringing home a nice bottle of wine? Yes thank you very much.

I even found a running shop that listened and helped me get a pair of shoes that will not make my feet hurt while hiking/walking/living. The rep was great at listening and explaining why some brands will not work for me. He sold me a pair of shoes that even look like my little Flintstone feet. Yes they do feel better.

Burt is continuing his campaign of cuteness. He had a grand time playing with Mr Mousie today. He got so excited with full tail fluffing. Mr Mousie was very afraid!

Post Mr Mousie paws crossed in relaxation.

He is also getting more brave. He ventured out into the garage a few times while I was on the elliptical machine. He also came right up to the open front door, not sure if that is a good idea or not.

Hubby came home the other day and planted the idea that B may want a stroller. He may just be an adventure cat, with limits of course, I can't bear the idea of my furball getting out on his own again. So yeah, I'm soon to be a truly crazy cat lady walking her boy in a stroller. Yes the one I'm looking at has a cup/yarn holder, I'm not that crazy.

Speaking of cup holders, I just the other day went to a coffee shop and used my coffee shop alias. Wait let me explain. My name has a rather unusual spelling, thanks Dad. Unfortunately I am rather sensitive when it comes to the proper spelling of my name. I know I should just get over it but nope it is not happening. You may want to wander over to read Adriene's blog post about the same thing. Now my spelling is not quite as unusual as hers, but yeah I would comment to a person that spelled theirs the same as mine. Anyways, I was in the coffee shop the day before reading that post and started thinking that maybe I should just give myself a simple name. So I thought and thought about it. Did I ever tell you that I didn't name the blog Hubby brainstormed with me and came up with my blog alias? Thanks again Hubby!

Friday I used my coffee alias. It felt weird and sorta cool. Why yes simple things do thrill me quite a bit, why do you ask? So if you're in my neck of the woods and a latte for Dot is ever called out, you can try to catch a glimpse of what I'm knitting. Most likely it will be a sock but Friday it was a cowl for my sister, more on that another day.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Looking Back

Last week as I drove to pick up D from the airport I was struck by the date. July first a year ago I was spending time with my Hubby on his last day of being a New Yorker. This year as I picked him up from his international flight I was struck by how much things change and how much they stay the same. Thankfully.

Turns out D had made the connection too. This time last year one of us was driving on to meet new things and the other was trying to wrap things up in our old life.

Neither of us could guess what the next year would hold. What a year! I've been asked a couple of times recently what was the hardest time in our marriage. Without a doubt it started March 2016. Since that month we've lost two beloved cats, sold our first house, drove cross country each by ourselves, settled into new jobs, survived a major medical event for D and illnesses during D's recovery period.

As difficult as the year has been it made me stronger. It made us stronger. We share a bond now. We have been through for better or worse and in sickness and in health. We have lived our vows to a greater extent. (Even though we did not use those vows.) And that makes me happy.

So yeah it has not been a walk in the park, but a tiptoe through a minefield. We hold things much closer but looser. And that is not a bad lesson to have learned. When we face difficult times in the future we can look back at our "worst" year and know that we have strength and endurance. And we will pray that it will be enough to get us through anything.