Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fence me in

As you all know I was raised on a farm. Where there are several miles between neighbors. This is no longer the case, I live in town and am one street removed from a mall. I've gotten used to having neighbors, but I gotta tell ya that in my heart I still long for the space of the farm. 

Yesterday was one of those days because I drove home after work and found this sight waiting for me. My neighbor removed part of my fence to put up a totally different kind and style. This is the second time he has taken down my fence. I've been told that the "ugly" side of the fence faces the owners view so I am pretty sure it is mine. If nothing else I believe it should be discussed between the people it separates before it is removed. 

Worse than that, I know they were on my property cause that is where the fence was propped. Now I am a territorial person and I don't like people traipsing all over my property. I don't like other people driving my car either but that is another post.

Worse than that is finding nails sticking out that could be harmful.

My poor loving husband took the brunt of my frustration with a few telephone calls. I believe I used the term "JackWagon" as an euphemism for an unpleasant neighbor. I tend to makeup words when I don't want to swear but the meaning is ever so clear.

After venting some to the Hubby I stormed outside with a nasty note and a claw hammer. You see I am a farm girl I know a bit about removing nails.

Since I could not get one of the nails out I was forced to place my nasty note. I know I can be a bit of a pill at times and always try to remember that sometimes you can not take words back no matter how bad you want to.

Now those are some nasty nails to be impaled upon. Did I mention that I am the only one in my family that had not stepped on a nail on the farm? I know what those wounds look like and I don't want any, or for anyone else to have any either.

I had however worked myself up into such a tissy that my body retaliated with an aura migraine. See what happens when you walk around spitting fire and vinegar? Your brain slaps you down hard for being a pill, and then you have to take some pills.

Hubby came home to a much more subdued wife than the one on the phone.

Today I realize that may be my husband should have been a diplomat. After I left for work he saw our neighbor out in the yard and talked with him.

See? His sweet somethings work on other people too. The neighbor apologized and had his fence people put our wooden bit back up too. Good thing I married a city boy to handle the neighbors for me.

Here's hoping all your fences are intact today!


  1. Arizona Houses with Fences (it is a high wall like berlin walls!!) are everywhere!! I am also a country girl and it is tough for me to accept seeing houses with walls in the backyard. It is a very unfriendly environment! However I started to get used to it because I have to!! =)

  2. Wow, your hubby is a much better diplomat than I would have been. Hats off to him! I would have kept those nails and found a way for them to "accidentally" get fired over the new fence (oops, did I saw that outloud?).