Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn Club Spoiler

I received my first yarn club shipment, and I love it. D's first comment was that I would never have picked this yarn myself. I admit I bristled a bit at the comment but then started to remember most of my yarn purchases tend to be red and green. He is totally right as he was the first time he said I am a control freak. (I bristled at that statement too.) Why else do I always drive when I could be knitting in the passenger seat instead?

Anyways back to the yarn it is a lovely mix of turquoise, grey and teal. Well at least that is what I see in it. It is on a BFL (Blue Face Leicester) yarn base. Which is a breed of sheep that is becoming more and more popular for sock yarn. It is said to be more durable than Merino wool. I have a couple of BFL socks, but they are not old enough to testify yet.

Can you believe this was not enough to stop me from answering the call from Kisknit to help her hit the $50 minimum needed to get free shipping from Knit Picks. What can I say I am just that kind of friend. We will not talk about how much I contributed to that amount. Nope we will not talk about that at all!

One of the things that always held me back from joining a club was the chance of it all. What if I don't like the color? Why would I let someone else choose my yarn for me? Many of the clubs I researched send yarn and a pattern, I always thought it was a bit silly to know that a hundred knitters were all making the same socks. Now I know in my heart that there is enough variance from knitter to knitter that  not all the socks would look exactly the same but two hundred fraternal socks out there? Weird man.

So based on one shipment I am calling this one a success. I like the yarn and I will be able to make my own kind of sock, a plain sock, who am I kidding? I don't know if I will be signing up for more yarn clubs in the future but I must say anticipating the package was quite a bit of fun. 

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  1. That is beautiful yarn! I can't wait until my shipment in a few weeks!!!!!!!

    Did you want to meet up Saturday morning at the local tea house to get your yarn shipment?