Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wild Apple Farm Sweater

I could not take it anymore, I need a new sweater. I know I know I should be working on my Central Park Hoodie sweater from, oh almost a year ago. I am all kerfluffled by the pattern and am too lazy and scared to sit down and write it out so I will understand the steps and order involved. Why do all that work on a half knit sweater when I can just start fresh?

I swatched a bit of yarn to see if I can add cables to the sleeves of one of my standard top down sweaters. I hate how my purl stitches are wonky when I knit cables but the swatch don't lie, not that you can see it in this picture. Purl stitches make cables pop. I tried to rewrite the laws of the knitting world but nope, I need the purls to pop a cable. The good new is that I found a nice cable that is not currently kicking my butt. I am about half way through a skein of my Wild Apple Hill Farm yarn and it seems to be working pleasantly. 

Gus is a big proponent of rustic yarns. You know the not quite as smooth and soft yarns. They tend to be the ones he brings in to me at night. Gus loves the nighttime yarn game.  And so do I, what can I say we were meant for one another.

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