Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yes, you need to read that headline with the proper Spanish soccer announcer accent.

This post signifies one of my goals accomplished this year. In January, I set out to post ten times a month. It was relatively easy the first couple of months then it became harder and harder. I did not want to post without having anything meaningful to say but alas I'm sure I did it at least a few times.

Having a posting goal forced me to be more creative. I had to think of things to talk about, I could not just take the easy road out and not post anything. For the most part I enjoyed it. I'm sure now, that you'll realize why the end of some months seemed a bit heavy.

I'm not sure I will set the same goal in the coming year, but I do think I will have some sort of goal that forces me to get creative. I don't want to have a formula that I must stick to, I'm not that straight laced.

Anyways on to other goals accomplished this year. I found and tried many new-to-me yarns. I enjoyed two festivals and stayed within budget. I found a couple of stores while on vacation and bought some yarn, not too much yarn. I found them using knitmap, a nice little push in the yarny direction.

I met some famous knitters. I took classes from Cookie A and Anne Hanson along with my best yarn buddy Kisknit. I also got my books signed by Clara Parkes and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee at Rhinebeck. Quite a joy to be able to meet them all. I just hope I was not totally start struck most of the time.

I donated to Heifer International for the first time. Thanks to Clara Parkes at Knitter's Review for pointing a bunch of knitters to a worthy cause. I bought my first sheep in quite a while. I hope that it thrives and helps an entire community. Makes this farmer's daughter's heart glad.

I tried to make a sock in four days but could not, since I decided to live my life at the same time and not withdraw into the crazy knitting lady. It was still cool to know that I came so close and did not hurt myself either. Knitting benders can be harmful too.

I knit up the yarn that D gifted me with this summer so he will bring me more when he travels. I did not want him to think it goes into the stash and never comes out. If he brings it to me I will knit it.

Speaking of D, I watched him complete his first half marathon. I can not tell you how proud I was when he crossed the finish line. Way to go Hubs! And he was kind enough to walk with me in my first Turkey Trot. I am proud of that goal too!

And lest we forget we celebrated a royal wedding with a tea party breakfast. What a fun day to do what we wanted, together.

So there were a few goals accomplished this year in the Tea Cottage. Yes we have also finally found a fitting name for any house we're in. Happy New Year!

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