Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrums - I'm doing it wrong

Well at least I lost the troll doll, now I may be knitting a troll mushroom. 

Hey I know what I can do, rip it, rip it, rip it. I am pretty good at that portion of the project now. Based on Adriene's comment a few posts ago and direction to this video, I have learned even more. I suspect my thrums are too big. Nope, I am past the suspicion stage I am sure my thrums are too big.

On the left are my new thrums, on the right are my monster thrums. Notice how dense my monster thrums are.

I mean really, do my thrums come from Texas? And if they do who needs thrums in Texas?

The thought that kept occurring to me was how is my hand going to fit in here? Turns out it fits quite festively.

No really if I continued on with the mitten where was my hand going to go?

I am off to rip it, rip it, again. Well at least I am learning.

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