Saturday, June 30, 2012


We're settling into our summertime rhythm. The air conditioning is on and we've received two shares from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We're eating more salads and stir fry. Even now D is pulling roasted beets from the oven. Who knew fresh beets could taste so good. 

He then proceeded to make them even better by tossing in dill, butter and a squeeze of lemon juice. I think he is developing quite the culinary flair.

So this is what our dinner looked like tonight. It is not as hard to eat vegetarian when you have nice fresh food to play with.

Anyways while my knitting has slowed down, it still continues. My new purse socks are in full swing. Although it looks like plain stockinette in this picture it is really a nice pattern that shows of the subtle yarn variegation, Mockery Socks by Katie Grady. It is an easy pattern to memorize which is good for me since I still can not find my shawl pattern and I need something to work on.

The yarn is Liberty Fibers Superwash sock yarn in the Kimono colorway. I am in love with the way this green shades change. Check out this timing, I checked my Yarnkettle email the other night, and had a message from the dyer saying she had seen my fiber festival post from a couple of years back. She asked if I had made anything with my yarn yet? I chuckled to myself as I replied that I had her yarn on my needles that very moment. Do you think we have a subliminal yarn connection?

Summer time it is all good. Which reminds me I need to pick up some beer for my neighbor, I need to make a pool fun payment so I can cool down without a membership fee.


  1. Mmmmm, I love roasted beets. It makes me want to go out and cheer on the ones growing in my garden right now so that they can grow faster! I never thought of tossing in some dill and lemon juice... drool...

    1. They were quite good. You know a few garden pictures on your blog would not hurt my feelings one bit. Or pictures of your beets once they're grown, also sounds good.

    2. I keep thinking I should show off that garden, but I think I'd have to clean up some of the weeds in there before I do that! It's doing quite well, though, even if it's not perfectly tended.