Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bit of this

Yesterday I met one of my friends for lunch. We had a lovely three hour tea time together. Yep, you heard me right three hours. You know when I get home and Hubby asks me what we talked about I've got nothing to tell him. It is not that I feel I should keep my girl time secret but that as soon as anyone asks me a question the answer goes right out of my head. So slowly over the course of a day or two I remember snippets of things to tell him. I am a strange bird.

As we left we agreed that "we should do this more often." The last time we met she had just finished reading The Hunger Games, and that was before it became the mega hit it is now. We really do need to do it more often. So if I don't tell you all that I had tea with my friend by September you all need to start yelling at me! Life overwhelms at times and I don't want to be that person that lets it, you know.

Speaking of change, I also gave up my old purse today. My racing red friend with abused handles was traded in for a larger more knitting friendly black model. Rarely could I zip up my red purse because all the stuff I carried would not fit. It would fit between the two handles but not underneath the zipper and it got worse when I started carrying my kindle. My knitting sort of rode on top of my purse enjoying the sites. Now it is into the recesses of my bag where it can lie in wait to stab me with a knitting needle. Not that my knitting would ever do something like that.

Oh and my knitting is going fine. I printed off the chart for my Holden shawl and placed a life line, now I just need to get more stitch markers. I am feeling another shawl coming on so I really should get one done first. I started another sock and currently have three first socks on the needles. It is getting a wee bit ridiculous here. 

I have managed to stick with one book for a while and am hoping to finish Lisey's Story soon. Stephen King just sucks you into a parallel universe. I always thought of him as a horror author and stayed away  because of it for many years. Then The Green Mile came out and I loved it. I also realized that Shawshank Redemption is another of his stories. D loves Lisey's Story and urged me to read it too. It is an odd combination of touching and crazy rolled into one. I feel like I should send Tabitha King a thank you card for encouraging her husband to keep on writing. 

Well that is all from my place on the Earth today. Happy Knitting!!


  1. I have Game of Thrones in my travel bag right now as I'm away from home. I haven't even cracked the spine yet. I've got some time to myself tomorrow, so that might be a good time for me to actually get some reading done!

    1. Enjoy your reading time, you've earned it!
      I will be interested to know what you think of Game of Thrones.