Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good reading

While camping I rediscovered my first love, you know before I became a knitter and got all yarn obsessed? Reading, I have always been a reader. You could usually find me outside with a book when we lived on the farm.

Sorta looked like this.
I may not have knit much while camping but I got through a book and a half. I found the realization that I read like I knit humorous. I have a few books in progress scattered around the house. I'm usually reading 4-6 books at any given time, some more actively than others. Some have been kicked under the couch and forgotten. Similar to my next to knit list, I have a stack of books in my mental next to read pile, my ever changing next to read pile.

So now I've joined I am Yarnkettle there also, if you want to look me up. Initially I joined to see how other people reviewed books. It had quite a few user reviews and they do not really follow any certain format. I don't think I have the site figured out or that I am using it to its fullest potential. I tend to flounder around on social sites. The social element leaves me mystified. I am hoping to find some people who share my taste in books, so that I may mine them for book recommendations.

Recommendations because I am always looking for new books that I will enjoy. I can tell what is popular on Amazon, but it does not mean I will enjoy reading it. I am not a fan of many popular books or authors. I'll give you my most recent example, 50 Shades of Grey. The three books in this series have held the top spots for weeks now. People who I've never heard talking about books are reading them and talking about them. Does that mean I am going to? Nope. I have a low tolerance for tortured souls in books, especially if it meets my definition of an abusive relationship. Also if I wanted to read erotica I would read erotica, not a thinly veiled version of it. A lady I know described it as a great trashy romance. But the thing is, as D said, "You like romance not trashy romance." This does not mean that you can not read the books and enjoy them. Just don't ask me to wax poetic with you about them. Life is too short to read something you don't enjoy.

I also wondered over to one of my favorite places (my library) and picked up a couple of copies of the magazine Bookmarks. Who knew a magazine listing and reviewing book after book could be so interesting. They give a nice basic evaluation of several books in all different genres. No pretension or high handed judgement here, just talk by people who love books for other people who love books. Plus it keeps reminding me of books that I've been meaning to read, how cool is that?

I'm still listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and am so excited to talk about it. On one hand I want to be done so that I know how it all turns out but on the other it will feel like I am losing a group of friends. Great books alway do that to me. Guess that is why I read so many series, I get to stay with the characters longer.


  1. I also read the same way I knit: sporadically and intensely. I go for long periods of not reading a single book, then I'll find something and want to do nothing but read it. I'm also not one for trashy romance novels. All I want is a good story... something that I can relate to and enjoy. I've been enjoying The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels recently. An easy, enjoyable read!

    1. I read another book by the same author but not in that series. I keep meaning to check out No. 1 Ladies, maybe today.

  2. Guernsey is one of my all time favorites. Ave you read The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? I am thoroughly enjoying them, and thankful that there are so many to read!

    1. I have read the Outlander series, years ago. Well most of it, I think I stopped after the 5th book. I do love series books since I have a hard time letting some of the characters go.