Saturday, June 16, 2012

New sock Friday on a Saturday and mittens too!

I wore my newest lovelies to take lunch to the Hubby at work, yesterday. I think I've used up all my random day off chips so he will not have lunch to look forward to for a bit. We had a nice time and I even got to come home with half of a Fritos bag. Those chips are a little slice of heaven on earth, an unhealthy slice but tasty nonetheless.

Back to the socks, this is another one of my plain stockinette socks that really shows off the coloring of the yarn. I do believe that this yarn was from my first ever trip to Rhinebeck, ahh the memories. I was just a new knitter then and had only two or three hand knit socks to my name back then. (I have quite a few more than that now, you've seen many of them here.)

This is Socks that Rock medium weight yarn in the colorway Rare Gems. So now these little gems are mine! I don't think they will see much action this summer though, it is a fairly substantial yarn more suited to keeping out the cold rather than enjoying the summer heat.

Speaking of inappropriate things to wear in the summer. I finally managed to wrangle a picture of my mittens from this last winter. These fit fine until you pair them with a winter coat, then they are a tad too long due to the cuff of the coat wanting to sit where the cuff of the mitten wants to sit. It is a bit of wintertime sibling rivalry, I can almost hear them shoving each other and saying You move over, No you move over! 

I have not yet had to threaten to pull the car over if they can not figure out how to get along, yet. My mittens were hard to photograph because they stayed in the car once winter turned to spring and summer. I think they liked riding around with the windows down and the music playing. Alas now they're sitting on the desk next to the computer with nothing to do. Bummer mittens this is your life in the summertime.

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