Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As you know we started Gus on insulin last week. He has been doing fine so far... Initially Dr B wanted me to monitor his blood sugars and we would adjust the insulin accordingly. Well with him crashing that first night way back in December, none of us have been too eager to poke at the situation. 

But I must admit curiosity got the better of me and I think eventually we will need to monitor his bs (blood sugar, anyone else find it funny we're monitoring the cranky cat's bs, just me? OK then.) I bought a monitor and all the stuff that you need. Wow that was an education! Monitors range from under $20 to $100. The test strips are the real kicker though, most if not all are over a dollar a strip. A one time use magic strip that takes your blood and converts it into a needed number. Oh and the lancets which are the finger or ear prick devices, they were reusable and more affordable.

So after I pack all this stuff home I try it on myself first. I can tell you the thought of intentionally wounding yourself is much worse than the action. Don't get me wrong I am very glad it is not a normal part of my life but I certainly survived it. My understanding of how to work my blood with the machine did not pan out so I wounded myself nothing. 

D pointed out that I have ready access to an expert at work so I bundled up my monitor, lancet, test strips and faulty knowledge and took it all into work. I was quickly straightened out and found my bs to be 98. Yay I'm normal in one area. I don't think they have developed a test for wool obsession yet, whew. My boss was curious too so we tested her and she was in the normal range too. 

D was tested when I got home (at his request, I'm not running around testing everyone I know) and he was under 200 so that is good. Gus on the other hand, wow. Once we figured out how to prick his ear and get blood out, rang in at 333. Yowsa! D pointed out he just ate, was due for his insulin shot and he had been running in the 400s. Still it makes me feel a bit better, since I have not been bugging him as much at night, to make sure he does not drop too low. It makes me question if he really had a small reaction that first night or if it was just paranoid Mom poking her evil head out. He did not eat much that night so I think it was possibly a reaction.

We have learned from a website (always a trustworthy source) that we should try to keep his bs above 100 and below 200 as much as possible. Lofty goals according to todays reading. I think it is better to get there slowly, rather than a big crash that requires hospitalization. My wallet agrees with me, my money would rather end up in a yarn store, assuming everyone is healthy. 

Hey, that means I am the lowest one in the family, oh wait Jack. Jackie come here Mommy has a surprise for you. 

(Don't worry I would not do it.) I will try for a non Gus post next time but he seems to fit predominantly into my life right now.


  1. I think once you get into a rhythm, this will all work itself out. It'll be an adjustment period, but Gus will be all the better for it. My mom is diabetic, and it is not an easy thing to adjust to, that's for sure. Give my love to Gus and Jack!

    1. I am surprised with all the work involved. Granted they seem to be snippets of work. I sit across the desk from a diabetic for 8 hours a day, I see what she goes through but still it is more than I imagined, not in a bad way by any means.
      I'm just happy he seems to be doing better.
      The boys say Thanks for the love Auntie Adriene! Give Rascal our best too.

  2. Glad to hear that the G-man is doing a little better. Hopefully you will all find a new rhythm to things. Do they make diabetic cat food? I know they have such things for dogs, so maybe that might help with keeping his BS levels stable.

    1. I'm sure they make diabetic cat food but now we're just trying to get his bowels to be less inflamed. I think that is what caused all the ruckus in the first place. We're just trying to calm everything down.
      Thanks for the good thoughts!