Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dang it

So the Big G Man is inflamed again. Gus has IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Well at least we think he does based on his symptoms; vomiting, diarrhea, lost appetite, and weight loss. I don't know that I need a biopsy done to prove a diagnosis.

We had a recheck appointment with Dr B last week, and I had to call to see if we should restart the steroid before the appointment. The answer was yes. I knew something was going on when he no longer wanted his Fancy Feast. His appetite seemed to pick up a touch an hour or so after I gave him the pill. But I know this does not seem to be a solution.

I've done a bit of research over the internet about the disease in cats. Dr B has many patients, I have one sick cat and one healthy one. I feel it is my job to educate myself so that I can make the decisions that need to be made now and in the future.

Oddly enough many of the websites I found told the same story and did not have much conflicting data.
Treatment normally consists of steroids to control inflammation when it occurs. This is a road we've been down many times before. The problem is that the steroid is a know cause of pancreatitis, since it lowers the body's immune resistance. You're less likely to be able to fight off infections while on steroids.

I think the pancreatitis flared with this last round of steroids and with it came an elevated blood sugar. We tried giving insulin and Gus crashed that night and required an emergency middle of the night hospitalization. So you can see the vicious cycle we're in right now. Treat one thing and it allows another thing to flare up. Right now he needs to eat and to feel comfortable enough to do that he needs to be on steroids.

I can tell he is not feeling good to in addition to the vomiting. The last couple of nights he has been in my face. No really he crawls up very close to me, looks me in the eyes and meows at me. My belly hurts Mom! I need to see Dr B!

So now that I have told you all this I will also tell you my plan. Diet change, change him to a food source that he has not had yet and thus has not had a reaction to either. Dr B chose venison, I've been telling Gus that Daddy grew up eating venison so that is yet another thing they have in common. I'm not sure if it helped. Probiotics, lets see if we can get some good bacteria working for us.

An ultrasound is planned for next week, which may give us more data. Possibly how bad this is and what sort of time frame we're looking at. Or it may not it is too hard to say with this thing.

The good news is that he has started eating again and really he is demanding food like a trooper. He has me up at 5 am to feed him. I figure it is important to eat while the urge is there.

I can tell you that while he seemed to like the Guernsey book that is playing in the car, I think he really preferred Silent in the Grave. My boy he has particular tastes. I may have to replay that one while we're on our way to and from the ultrasound next week.

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