Friday, June 22, 2012

Strong enough

I look at life as a great learning opportunity. I love reading books and expanding my understanding. I love trying new things, whether it is a new knitting thing or a new cooking thing. But when it comes to medical stuff I've never been that happy about learning. Learning in the medical arena means that something is wrong. Well it does now that I've stopped working for doctors and can no longer ask random questions.

A bit over six months ago G started having problems. Issues that he had in the past. This time the meds were not working as well as they always had. In December I took both of them for a yearly checkup with blood work. (Oddly enough I also took myself in for my yearly checkup the next week.) Gus's blood work showed elevated blood sugar. I can remember asking what happens if we don't treat it. I think it is good to have all the data before you make any decisions, including the worst case scenario, do nothing.

I was so afraid of having to give a shot. I really, really did not want to go down that road and was not sure I even could. Turns out it was one of the easiest things I would have to undergo in the up coming months.

Since then we're endured many things that I simply reacted to without a much questioning, can I or can't I. A midnight run to the emergency vet that included horrible seizures in the car, thank goodness we had that blanket or I would have the scars to show for it. I've given subcutaneous fluids that involve a much larger needle than the insulin shots, much larger. We've taken many car rides to the vet with me carrying enough guilt to sink an aircraft carrier. I've second guessed myself while I watched his health deteriorate. I've had him come to me in the middle of the night asking for help and not been able to do anything more than attempt to comfort him. I've lost hope that my beautiful, awesome kitty would be with me in a year's time.

But then Dr B called with the ultrasound results, and I am cautiously optimistic again. They don't think that the mass is defined enough to be a mass. This does not rule out cancer but it does point to inflammation. Things may just be cascading one off of another, treating IBD with steroids lead to pancreatitis, which lead to a high blood sugar. If we can try to bring everything under control, I now think we may have a chance. We're treating the bowel inflammation with steroids, new food and probiotics. I gave my second ever insulin shot tonight. Maybe if we get his blood sugar down, his body will have a chance to use his food instead of fighting it.

Right now I'm watching him closely for any signs that he sugar is dropping to the danger zone. It has been four hours from the injection time. He just passed another string disorientation test, meaning if he can chase a string his eyesight is OK and he is not disoriented. I have warned him that tonight may not be one of his most restful nights.

So right now I know I am stronger than I was six months ago. I now know I can do things that I could not conceive a short time ago. Just in case the universe is listening, G and I are strong enough for the time being we would now like to heal for a time. Thanks

Yes Gus you have a question? I see your back paw is raised. 
Did you just post a picture of my shaved pink belly on the internet? 
Way to go woman, I wonder what kinds of hits you will get for shaved pink belly?
Do you want to do another string disorientation test?
No wait I think you should thank your blog friends for their nice comments.

Thank you to my commenters for their kind words on my last post. They were greatly appreciated!

Good now get the string...

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