Friday, October 8, 2010

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival

I went to the festival a couple of weeks ago and realized I never showed off my fun. We had knitting group that day too so I was a bit pressed for time. I think it was larger this year but definitely still smaller than Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool). 

This trip took the edge off but I still am looking forward to Rhinebeck. What can I say I like yarn! Yes I know I just bought yarn in Portland too, but I already have one skein used up for D socks and another sock on the needles. We will not count what is left, I'm just trying to make the point that I am using it and not just squirreling it away.

So my game plan was to do a quick survey of what the festival held then make a second purchasing circuit. It is easy to fall in love and then go two booths down and fall even more in love with something else. I did notice that sock yarn seemed to go up in price just a bit. Most skeins I saw ran for $22. 

I did take time for the sheep shearing demo, to clear my head before beginning the purchasing round.

Setting up the sheep for shearing

Starting off with the old machine, hand crank

Naked sheep rump!

I have many memories of the shaved fleece sitting on the plywood at home when I was a kid. I also have some not as fond memories of packing the wool down into big burlap bag like stomping grapes in a big old barrel. It was dark, hot and flea containing, but I never lost my love of wool.

Bit of wool
He handed out a bit of wool and talked about what we were seeing, crimp and staple length. I thought he was very informative. He did say this was not a full year's worth of growth for this sheep. Made me giggle to look down at a piece of wool in my hand and see a bit of poo on it. Ah homey!


You need to back up! llama
Yep, I was smart enough to do what that look said to do. I was raised around horses so ears are mood meters. I'm not sure if it is true for llamas but I do know that llamas spit, and that is not something I do not want to be covered in.

Festival action
I'm so bad about taking pictures but I forced myself to take a few. It always feels awkward. Where else should I feel less awkward? How may knitterly bloggers were taking pictures too?

Fleece for sale 
Lanolin goodness
I touched this fleece and it was rich in lanolin. Is it wrong that I wanted to buy it just so I could put my dry cracked hands into it in the middle of winter to be softened? Yeah I thought so too but it just feels so good.

Wheels but no action

My lovely stash enhancements. Four sock yarns, top left brown for D from Spinning Bunny, 2 on the left from Liberty Fibers, bottom from Decadent Fibers. The green sport weight alpaca yarn is from Times Remembered, I still have not used the grey yarn I bought last year, but this color called to me. I can see it in the Multnomah shawl, or another one. The brown and pink skeins are from St Mary's on the Hill. Beautiful charity yarn. I am thinking mittens or a lovely cowl?

Welcome to the stash my lovelies
The color is more true in this photo. OK I will admit to casting on the brown sock yarn for D's socks, partially to alleviate the guilt that more yarn will bring from Rhinebeck. Why do I think I need to justify it by using it?

I did make it to knitting group, almost on time. I can honestly say I'm not the only person to pet my yarns that day.


  1. Oohh pretty yarn! Oddly enough, Ellie's ears sometimes look like that 2nd Llama's ears. Usually when she pissed that we're holding her and she doesn't want to be held. We call them airplane ears.

  2. Sometimes when Jack's are straight out I rev them like a motorcycle