Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stocking struck

So the last Saturday that it was decent weather and I remembered to shave my legs, I decided to take some comparison shots of my German Stocking progression. 

To start this project I dutifully took measurements of my legs and used those measurements to figure what size to make. I made the size recommended for my leg measurement, completely ignoring the fact that the designer recommended using a size or two sizes smaller than the actual measurement. 

I did not make it too far into the project before I was aware it would not work. You may recall this post regarding the matter. I decided to rip back and start with one size smaller, feeling pretty proud that I did not take a trip down the river of denial. 

I knit on my smaller stocking to a bit further than the last time and thought to myself...Hmmm?

It still looked a tad large but why rip back again? I placed my work on scrap yarn, grabbed another ball of yarn and cast on another sock, two sizes smaller than my original. I figured to get it to the same place as the reworked first sock and have a fitting session.

So can you tell which is which? I could wearing them. I have made a decision one will stay and one will go.....

Is it just me or are knees a not terribly attractive part of the body? And taking pictures of your knees is not as easy as one would think.

The middle photo (left leg in first photo) is the one size down and has to go. The bottom photo (right leg) is the keeper sock two sizes smaller. Who knew? Right, Cookie A., the designer knew. Guess she really does have more experience and my leg is not that much more difficult to fit than anyone else's.

I will not be ripping back right away, I think I will finish one stocking before ripping back another. I could be wrong....but I don't think so.

Do you also see from these photos how my legs were referred to as neon white? I am not just pasty white, my paleness glows like an odd beacon.


  1. No one's knees are attractive :P

  2. Congrats on not travelling down De Nile and I would think one's knees would be monstrously hard to, I think I have to try it. :)