Monday, April 30, 2012

New Balance for yarn

I am spinning my first dyed roving. I am working impatiently to see how it will turn out. I took the green, yellow and rust roving and split it in half. I learned how much dyed and braided roving can compact. It was a bit of a fight at times to fluff this fiber.

Then I got to see how the color changes work. It was mesmerizing. At one point in time my spindle looked like a carrot the way the color was wrapped on it. I think I had as much fun pre-drafting the fiber as I did spinning it.

I spun the spindle full of half of the fiber and slid it off onto a knitting needle then I spun the second half of the fiber going the same way. I did try wrapping the cope differently. Both ways seem to work fine.

I slid this one off onto an old knitting needle too. I need the spindle to ply the yarn and I had to improvise a way to control the yarn as I was plying.

Enter my new lazy kate. Doesn't my yarn look pretty?

I picked my New Balance shoe box for my lazy kate in hopes that the name would inspire my yarn to behave and truly come into balance. And it makes a nice carrying case too. Very stylish right? Yeah I thought so too.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it is working for me so far and since I had already bought the shoes it was very affordable. he he

  2. I like how well your needles work with the shoebox. I often put the spindles themselves into a shoebox like that, but maybe the needles would spin better...