Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Half Marathon stockings

I did not get very far in my half marathon before I had to turn around and start again. I don't think you see too many real marathoners restarting.

I measured my leg and at the widest point I am 17 to 17 1/2 inches around. I cast on using 17 for corresponding number in the pattern even after it recommended using a number one to two inches less than your measured circumference. 

Let me tell you that you do need that bit of negative ease to create a nice calf hugging stocking. This one fell down my leg which is not something I like in a stocking.

So I ripped back and am at about the same point again. I can tell you that I am loving the yarn and especially the color. But I am hoping this measurement works cause I don't want to restart another marathon till the other stocking is ready.


  1. Ah, I guess that's why people knit one sock at a time. Well done for having the gumption to try it on early enough to figure out the sizing issue!

  2. I decided to not be my normal self with these. I will be trying them on every few inches so if something goes wrong I catch it early.