Saturday, April 28, 2012


Since I think I have figured out the formula for D's socks he is getting more pairs. Lately at least one of the socks on the needles are for him. I think we may need to assign him a new sock drawer.

So now I need a ruling, the sock above is not giving me the warm fuzzies. I think the yarn wants to be a scarf instead, or not. I am getting mixed signals. So what do you all think? My knitting group said it was fine but I'm still having doubts.

In other news we're getting pretty excited about camping season coming on. We've set up the tent and dining fly a few weeks back. They both look great even considering they've been stored for a couple of years now. The boy scout side of my husband loves putting up and taking down tents. The air mattress was tested too. Yes I know I am such a prima donna, I require an air mattress and flushing toilets. I am pretty sure I will want to shower too. Did anyone see my camping tiara? I'm sure it is around here somewhere.

We keep discussing food options and planning meals. I have checked out a couple of camping books from the library. (Have I told you recently that libraries are one of man's great inventions?) One of the books is written by a Canadian and talks about making love in a canoe. Yeah I skipped that chapter. (Yes, a whole chapter on it!?) We're going to the same campsite that I had my first and last canoe outing at (same trip). It has been a few years and the memories are starting to fade for me but D is still remembers the look of terror in my eyes from that outing. You've heard of cats in a canoe? That was me and my claws were definitely unsheathed.  I have never loved dry land quite as much as that day.

So don't forget to tell me what the yarn wants to be and I will remember to tell you any funny camping stories if they happen, all stories will need to be cleared by the Hubby though.

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