Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picnic Time

A few years back I received a picnic basket for Christmas. I love picnic baskets and what they represent, a nice leisurely meal out in the fresh air.

The thing is we don't use our basket that much. It did serve as our tea basket last year when we drove down to North Carolina and decided to stay in a cabin at a campground instead of a hotel. But alas it has not picniced much. (Picniced is totally a word, least it is in my mind.)

I had some vacation time I needed to take so I had a mini staycation. What says I love you more than a picnic at work for the Hubby? (Especially when he is a man that likes his food?)

He did text me asking for a thermos of tea to be brought too. I was happy do oblige him since it was just a tad chilly out of the sun. So there he is digging in to find out what I had packed.

Here is the unpacked basket. Oh by the way, Fritos go with lunch...Don't you know?

And here is our glamor shot of lunch. So we have tea, Fritos, sandwiches, mangos, mixed fresh berries and no that is not sour cream, it's pickles in my ever so handy recycled pickle carrier.

It was indeed a nice relaxed lunch. He even shared some of the mangos with a coworker.

Me? I came home and cleaned the stash area. Well half of the stash area. I threw out old swatches from when I learned to knit and left over yarn I was not going to use no matter how much I told myself I would. I even managed to get rid of some old fiber festival programs. I tried to hold on to them but I was very firm with myself. I said would use the space for fiber I'd acquired. Wow I did not know programs took up that much space, hee hee.

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