Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rambling on further

Now I will show you the socks I am working on for me, hee hee. Because you know I am sick if I don't have a couple of socks on the needles.

First up we have last year's Rhinebeck purchase from Fiber Optic. The yarn has a touch of cashmere in it that is totally awesome. This colorway is Blackbird and the sun is washing out the color a tad. It is more of a neon green only not in a bad way. I have sage green socks made from the same yarn base that I wear when I know it is going to be a difficult day (like flying), my feet are ever so happy when they get to feel cashmere.

I think this is one from one of my oldest skeins of yarn. It is Socks That Rock from either my first or second Rhinebeck trip. See how stash can bring back memories? I think part of the reason it has stayed in my stash for so long was it was a great bargain. I got a skein of lightweight for $14. The poor check out lady said it was mismarked but gave it to me for that price. And to think I have loved it as a bargain all this time. Now it is time to knit some socks that rock.

In other knitting news; we occasionally use a printer company at work and I received a little bonus for my knitting bag.

It is a post it note and business card case. Super handy if I need to take notes or mark something in a pattern. I resisted the urge to ask my non-knitting coworker if I could have hers. What do non-knitters need with my super cool tool? What do you mean non-knitters use post it notes too? Really?

I will leave you with my newest photo creation, Cat in the Wild. Well, indoor cat out in the yarn while Mom takes pictures of her knitting stuff, sums it up better.

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