Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning to spin

Well I am having a fine time here learning to spin. I am at the beginning point when I don't have enough knowledge to be dangerous yet so it is all fun. I am not trying to get anything specific. I just still amazed that I can make yarn. Hee hee yarn!

I went again to open spinning at my local yarn store. This time the circle kept growing and growing. We were closer to 20 than four like last time. The best thing was when the phone guy had to wind his way through all the wheels.

It was another mostly wheel meeting, but this time I was not the only spindler there. I was also the "expert" because I spun finer yarn than the others. While the fineness of the yarn does not show the skill in my mind yet. I think it is because I knit so many socks, I am just used to handling finer yarn, my fingers recognize the weight better. Then again with what little knowledge I have, I just don't know what should and should not be doing. I just know that I like doing it. I don't even mind it cutting into my knitting time, but then again we'll see how the sock drawer looks in a couple of months.

I ended up buying more fiber but the way I'm going I will need it. What it is the truth...well maybe need is the wrong word. I bought it because I wanted it. Yep that sounds right, now. Guess I better start saving now for the fall fiber festival season looks like I will need it then. I foresee another Golding spindle getting a new home. Maybe I should just jump on their website to refresh my memory as to what they have.


  1. The fiber also makes a great cushion. Don't ask me how I know that...

    Your spindle is probably nice and quick, which is also allowing you to spin some nice, fine thread. I'm so glad you opted for the Golding. I've always thought that they're excellent beginner spindles, even if they are pricey!

    1. I am very happy I chose the Golding for my first spindle. I really do think a great tool makes the job more enjoyable. Thanks for your advice too.