Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sock Saturday

I just love New Sock Saturday! You know why? Because it means I have new socks to show off! A little obvious I know but still...

These came from a new to me yarn company that I will be looking for come fall fiber festival season in upstate New York. Bittersweet Woolery named this colorway Terrible Lizard and I could not resist either the name or the color.

While I like to see how yarns pool, it is great to find one with such short repeats that I can not make it pool. I may be the only one in this house that thinks this is an interesting color combination but I am definitely the one that counts in that aspect.

I was so mesmerized by the quick color changes that I knit half of a sock in a day. I cast on, blinked, then turned a heel. The second sock took a bit longer it seemed, but not that much. I think these guys took me two weeks to finish, even being my purse project and getting side tracked be spinning yarn too. That is not the fastest I've knit a pair of socks but it is pretty quick for me.

Well I am off to sort through the stash to pick another victim yarn. I only have one sock on the needles and this situation simply will not do!

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  1. As someone who works at a dinosaur museum, I think these are totally amazing!! Love it!