Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Speaking of Christmas gifts that I am finally making use of, fondue! My sister gave me this little chocolate fondue pot. I am somewhat ashamed to say this is my first fondue ever. 

The stars aligned finally so that we had all the elements we needed for a rainy afternoon. Previously I had bought the fruit and cake but we did not have the dash of cream or a tea light to keep it warm. So the plan was shelved and the fruit was eaten.

Many weeks later D found some tealights downstairs and I had remembered to buy cream. What is a house without cream I ask you.

I can now report that our first fondue was a huge success and we did not even burn the chocolate like I was worried we would. It was a nice mix to have the pound cake and strawberries but I foresee more fruit at our next one. Does anyone know if you can use regular chocolate like a Hershey bar or do I need to find some special fondue chocolate chips like we received with the pot?

Any suggestions as always are appreciated. Also as always, I reserve the right to not take good advice and forge ahead on my own to learn my lesson. What bad can come from experimenting with warm chocolate and anything that will stay on the ridiculously small fork, long enough to dip.

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