Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping busy

Guess I have been keeping myself too busy to blog. Well that is not the total truth, guess I am just in a bit of a slump, writing wise and have been trying my hand at some other things.

We're planning some camping trips this summer so we pulled out the gear and made sure it was in proper working order after two years of storage. Everything is fine and Jack got to find out what being inside a dining fly feels like. Turns out it is fun yet scary. Tents move in the wind you know and make a whole set of different noises than a house does.

I finished listening to an audio book that my sister recommended, Hit Man by Lawrence Block. While it is a bit out of my normal range I was mesmerized. It is about this regular dude and his boring, regular life that includes occasionally killing people. Odd as it sounds it was quite entertaining. It touched a bit on the morality of killing strangers but Keller did not seem to dwell too much on the thought. Sometimes he is hired by someone that has a good reason like revenge and sometimes it was not a great reason.

I should have my sister write the book reviews. Mine usually start out with I liked it or I did not like it and never seem to get much farther than that. My sister however she describes a book and makes me want to read books that I would never think of picking up. And the dangest thing is that I usually end up loving them too. Now I wonder why we never got along as kids, oh right sharing a room, never an easy situation.

I look forward to reading the next book, but I have several other audio books waiting for me too. For a complete change of pace I started Silent in the Grave but Deanna Raybourn. I just love a story set in England, but ya'll knew that didn't you.

Jack caught another mouse last night. Good thing Daddy was alert because Mommy was zonked out and did not hear a thing till Daddy told her. Bad Mommy, Good Jack. It is really funny because the next day Jack is so full of himself. Not in an arrogant way just in a way that continually asks, I did good? He just can not get enough pets. Keep going my boy get them all!

My spindle and I have been busy making yarn. I have my first and second yarns plyed but unwashed. The cream colored yarn is skeined up and the brown is sitting around in cake form. Finally I could resist the multicolored braid no longer, even though I am still learning and should still be spinning natural fibers. I unbraided it which really just turned out to be a big crochet chain, I had no idea how they braided it. The things you learn when you become a spinner. Then I split the fiber vertically in half. I would like to spin it in two singles then try my hand a plying two singles together rather than the two tails of one single together.

I am digging this way more than I thought I would. I've come home two nights in a row and spun yarn instead of knitting. Which is the exact scenario I was afraid of, turns out it is not a bad way to spend an evening. (I always suspected it.) Good thing I knit so many socks to begin with guess I can let the new thing run its course and then combine the two yarny obsessions into even more things like socks.

Happy knitting!


  1. Just wait till you start spinning in an airport! Then you'll know you're a werido like me! :)

    1. Don't you know? one of my goals is to be a weirdo like you. Just hope acquiring that status means I can spin nice yarns like you do.