Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New spinning toys

I've been knitting more than spinning lately but I still have to show off some new acquisitions. I used a bit more of my bonus at Knit Picks. While nothing I bought is essential, I've learned the value of having the right tools for the job. Knit Picks seemed to be an inexpensive way to get some tools to evaluate what I will use and not use.

First up we have a Niddy Noddy. It is used to skein up yarn in a very regular fashion. Once I measure how long one loop is I will be able to tell the yardage of my hand spun yarn by counting the strands and multiplying by the loop measurement. Seems like a good piece of information to have, right?

I also wanted to try out another type of spindle, this is a Turkish spindle. It can be converted to being either a high whorl or low whorl. I have read that it is not the best example of a Turkish spindle but hey there is my first learning experience. I am planning on using it for plying yarn but so far I am still too in love with my Golding.

And of course since I'm buying tools I should try out some new roving too. A beautiful dark green, which we all know is my favorite. I'll let you know how it turns out.

The other night when I went to spinning group the yarn shop just happened to have some new dyed roving so...

Anybody else have the urge to strap these to the sides of their head and go running after Harrison Ford telling him how much of a insensitive brute he is? Just me? OK more fun for me that way.

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