Monday, May 31, 2010


Well things are almost back to normal here at Casa Yarnkettle. Big G is close to forgiving us, the three day weekend helped. Lots to time yowl at mom. Food Woman I want Food!!! (and some fur stroking too)

His care taker even asked about his yarn thing, she said she would put the yarn back and the next time they came it would all be strewn all over the place again. My boy is funny!

I had to wind up my new yarn today, do you think it will be long before new socks appear in that colorway? Hey if I start knitting it does not move into the stash category. Of course not much makes it out of the stash that way. I think I get a better feel for how the colors blend when I wind up yarn into a yarn cake. It is not usually an accurate representation but I get a better idea.

I've started another pair of socks for D too. I pulled out a stash yarn for them. Louet Gems in a lighter blue. I have actually settled on a basic sock for him now too. He gets a 3 inch 2x2 ribbed cuff then my standard heel flap with a plain foot, so far at least. I thought of doing some cables but when the time hit the mood was gone so onto a plain foot it is.

I found his socks in my drawer this weekend. Do you think he forgot he had some too or was he just not paying attention.

Well that was it for my long weekend, I tried to relax, think I acheived my goal. Happy knitting y'all.

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