Sunday, May 9, 2010


I woke up to the sound of a cat throwing up. Dang it, after yesterday went so well I had high hopes we were on the end of this thing. The vet told me we should see dramatic improvement adding in the prednisone (which we had seen). And if Gus did not stop throwing up he needed to see him on Monday.

So as I stumble out in to the hallway at 5 am, trying to avoid any dark spots on the carpet, I am already dreading the news he will tell me.

Here I must tell you I am a bad mommy because I was happy to see Jack throwing up instead of Gus. Gus is still puke free!!!! Poor Jack cleaned out his system of hair balls. I remember saying how odd it is to see Jack doing that.

So no vet visit yet for us. Well at least we're avoiding an urgent one. They both seem fine and that is the best gift a cat can give his mother.

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  1. how about random knitted items? That's good gift too!