Monday, May 10, 2010

Harney Tea

That is what a trip to Harney and Sons Tea looks like for us. 18 tins of tea come home with us. I had already taken two to work with me so they did not make it into the picture.

We picked out three new ones to try and filled up the rest. The sad thing is that we did not get all the tea we wanted. They were out of D's favorite tea. I am not telling you which one that is because it must be all you people buying it! Yes I know that I have told you which one it is but I am going to stop making it easy for you to get it.

So I've been stalking their website since our trip to pounce on it when it comes back into stock. I ordered some on Tuesday. Yay!!! They called and left a message for me on Thursday that it really is out of stock that was just a glitch. Dang it

Is it weird that I now need to come up with a backup tea plan considering how much tea I just bought? We tried a new on on Saturday, the Pu-erh. While I have described tea as having a hay taste I can honestly say I have not yet used manure as my adjective before that day. I think I will call it an Earthy smell (manure). Luckily the tea did not taste that way. Hey I grew up on a farm manure is in the air out there.

I don't know if it will grow on me but it was all right. D said it is an acceptable substitute. Me I prefer that my tea smells like tea, or smokey bacon.


  1. One of the days we came to feed the cats, the Husband looked around the kitchen and said, "Wow, they have a lot of tea."

  2. Did you tell him that could be what your house looks like too?