Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Bother!

I finished a pair of socks and wore them today. As always they feel lovely.

I am currently torn between two shawl patterns (Icarus or Prairie Rose) and am using that as an excuse for not casting on the project. It is a good thing too since still have a sweater on the needles for D, and two other first of a pair socks on the needles for me. I am also hunting through the stash for a sock yarn to round out my sock trifecta. I am beating back that urge by using the time to actually knit on before mentioned socks.

I think my sweater mojo has left me. Well that is not true I think I am delaying an issue. I am in fear that I will not have enough yarn to finish D's sweater. If I don't knit on it then it is procrastination holding me back not yarn requirement. I comforted myself with the though that I have a full skein for the other sleeve and a partial skein left over from the body of the sweater. Then I realized I still have to knit the collar too. Craptastic!

D's comment was can't you get more yarn? Yes and No, I can get more yarn but it probably be in a different dye lot (since I bought all they had of that color), which means it maybe a noticeably different color.

I alway worry about yarn running out. Tomorrow I will post a picture that shows why I worry.

And most worrisome is that Gus seems to be sick. He is throwing up all the time. We have gone through this twice now where I get him all checked out and it is not urgent. Last time we narrowed it down to Irritable Bowel. Now I can not get him to take the medication. Hiding it in his treats worked for a time but he figured that one out. Now crushing it with some tuna juice is not working. I may have to feed it to Jack just to prove I am not poisoning him.

The good thing is that he seems to still be himself. He swats at yarn and hands that come near him. He got a good nap in on my lap this evening so that made me feel better but then he got up and threw up. My poor guy. I have a call into the vet for tomorrow, we shall see.

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  1. Ooh! I hope Gus starts to feel better soon and that its not something serious.