Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is it Sock yet?

I've tried my hand at designing now. Well not really designing more of a hmmm, I wonder?

This is my standard sock with cables running down the front sides. I tried it but it really reminds me of this sock.

Yep been there done that. I did change the cable a bit but not enough to really matter. The kicker is that it's even similar colored yarn. So I ripped back. And came up with a 2x2 right twisting cable every 7 rounds with four stitches of stockinette separating the cables.

You can not really see it but it is a nice overall pattern. I would change it to only 2 stitches between cables now but I like it OK as is. So that is my own ringing endorsement of my 'designing' abilities.

I meant to take some pictures of some socks I've finished recently but I washed them so they're wet, and you know how difficult a wet sock can be at a photo shoot. See I made a funny!

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