Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Been there done that

How does having worked at a job affect how you treat people currently doing the same job. Are you more patient? Do you expect a higher quality service because "It is not that hard"?

Recently I was in a new checker's lane at the grocery store. It was his first time checking and boy was he slow. I tried to be friendly and encouraging. My sister was a checker in a grocery store too, and I must admit I thought of her while standing there. I thought of a lot of stuff, did I mention he was slow. I think it takes a while to find your rhythm especially in a new job.

D and I both worked in food service and I can tell you it affected how we treat our servers. First of all it is a luxury to go out. It is not my right to treat someone like garbage because they got something wrong or I had to wait for a table longer than I thought I should have. We all had to start out somewhere. I did have one guy (seated with his kids) talk to my chest. Dude, I am up here and ewwwwwww!!! No I did not spit in anything of his but I did hold my arms over my bosom when I dropped off the ketchup.

Oh yeah we also never send food back. I have seen steaks dipped in butter so they get a really nice char on them. I like my steak to taste more like meat than charcoal.

So i guess that is how I view the world. Or atleast one small aspect of it

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