Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feeling Better?

Yes, that is the question Gus has been hearing last night and today. Based on the items he brought to me the answer is yes, just a bit. Vet has him on Pepcid AC and Prednisone now.

Oh and what a Houdini he is at taking pills. Well he is a Houdini at not taking pills. I think I am getting better at it now or he was just too sick and groggy to put up much of a fight. I caught him while he was still sleepy a couple of times. I swear the first time I tried to give him a pill years ago that pill must have been on the floor 20-30 times. I think he learned a lesson that day, Mom does not give up when it comes to administering medication! Dang It! (D had to learn that lesson too, Dang it!)

So now every time is a test of will. I keep telling him if he just took the pill I would leave him alone quicker. He has not yet decided to believe me.

So you know that Gus will bring yarn to me. Yep I have my very own in house yarn supplier, or I should say yarn retriever because I still have to buy the yarn and bring it into the house. Although maybe we should sit down for an online yarn buying lesson this week, oh he does not have a credit card and our color choices would probably not be the same.

After three good doses of meds. he is back to bringing me stuff. Today I received his yellow crocheted rat, a Henry VIII bear and a ball of left over Malibrigo yarn. Do you think I am forgiven for being the "pill chucker"? Yea I don't think so either. He is just happy to not be so inflamed.

So keep praying for us I would like this process to not be too scarring for either of us

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