Friday, May 28, 2010


So what do you do with an extra day in town? Find a yarn shop and go with your Mom of course. We found CR Yarn shop in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. She dyes her own yarn (Castle Fibers) and sold some national brands too.

Mom was drawn to this one.

JaggerSpun DK weight Deep Purple #3682. It is 50% merino and 50% silk 50 grams of goodness. Mom was drawn to the color and feel of this yarn, and I am happy to try this one out "for her". The sacrifices we make for those we love.

We had a bit of an conundrum since I am not what I consider a hat knitter, and that is what she requested. The shop owner was very helpful and looked up Foliage on knitty. com for me, so we could get approximate yardage need. She was quite helpful. She epitomized my definition of good service.

Mom also picked out this one for socks.

I must admit that pink is the color that I think of when I think of her. More specially this shade of pink is my Mom's. Now, how do I describe how she should measure her feet to get a great fit.

This one is mine!

It is called Black Hills Hike. Which brings me to today's question. How much does the colorway name influence how much you like the yarn? I like this colorway but I like it so much more because of the name. It will remind me of home, when I finally knit and wear the socks that this yarn morphs into.

The colorway name for Mom's is not as fortunate, "fresh entrails". I must admit that I don't think of that particular name when I think of Mom's colorway.

Mom had her first yarn related sticker shock. Castle Fibers was not the most I've spent on sock yarn but it is on the upper end of my scale. Turns out Mom has expensive tastes, like Mother like daughter. I so excited to try out all the new yarns. I had heard of JaggerSpun but had never seen it, that I know of.

We had a discussion in the car afterwards about how important it is to support local businesses, even when I am not local anymore. I knit because I enjoy it, so I may as well enjoy it the most I can afford.

Oh and by the way turns out I can knit a heel flap and turn the heel in the time it takes to be delayed for a flight. I think it will be lovely when I finish them. I am a little worried that they are a bit too large. I've made a couple of pairs that are now too small. So I can live with larger rather than smaller.

I also work up the courage to go and talk to other airport knitters when I am delayed. I saw another knitter but was too shy to go and talk to her then after we were delayed I figured what the heck? I caught her off guard when I asked her about her yarn, I received a look. You know the why the heck are you bothering me, look. She did open up for a bit once I explained I am also a knitter. We really need to come up with a secret hand shake or something.

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  1. Haha, that airport knitter complex is funny. I once sat entranced as I watched a lady knitting in the departure lounge. I was jealous because I put my project away in my bag.

    You got some lovely yarns there! I'm loving the pink sock yarn - and I rarely choose pink for anything. And how cool that the LYS looked up yardage for you!