Monday, August 3, 2009


Hubby and I went for a ride tonight. He's right it blows off steam quite effectively. In a way I feel like we are newlyweds. No not in the gushy romantic way, in the way that we need to learn how to deal with each other that unfamiliar situation.

When riding on the road as a vehicle, NY state law says that bicycles are vehicles. This means you must follow the laws like a car. Let me tell you as a new rider I think the California rolling stop should be legal for vehicles who's engine is me. I am not what you may call high octane when it comes to acceleration on a bike.

Anyways it is a new situation for us to ride together on the road. Who rides on what side? How fast do we go? Where are we going? Can we stop for ice cream? By the way my answer to that last question is YES. At least we do not have to argue about which radio station to listen to.

It is odd because I feel I know this person so well but all the details are missing. That does make it a little different.

He is was raised in town so he is comfortable riding in the road, I was raised in the country so I am comfortable with zero traffic. Kind of hard to do in NY during the commute time. I don't rank as high as Joe Biden, they will not close down streets for me.

All in all it was a good ride, but I don't see us riding across the country like he does. I still think of myself as part of the SAG team, not the riding team. Maybe we can plan a cross state ride first. I hear tale of some yarn shops and wineries on the other end of the state. SAG crew does not have to ride behind you the whole time right? Maybe just a little detour for some merino wool?

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  1. But the SAG needs to stay sober and have both hands on the wheel (i.e. no drinking, no knitting!)