Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More of the Name Game

Hubby came in this morning after reading the last post and said we should think about what we would name a combined knitting/bike shop. Yeah I'm still working on that one too. Bikes for Ewe? Ewe on the Road?

I forgot to tell you what we call D's super cool new road bike, SOW. She was named that before he even got her. After he took a ride on a friend's new road bike, he came back and described it as Sex On Wheels. I'm Sorry Mom E. I should have warned you of questionable content before.

So today he came up with possible names for my road bike if I get one. KOW - Knitting On Wheels or YOW - Let's all say it together - Yarn On Wheels. I am leaning towards YOW, mostly because that is the sound I make when I get off the bike, YOW.

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