Monday, August 17, 2009

The invasion has begun

Apparently I really needed a yarn fix so I shuffled myself to a local yarn store on Saturday. I've been getting twitchy as I said so I had lots to look for and at. I started off looking at sock yarn , because it will always be my first yarn love. They had a couple that I was really interested in. I drooled and petted for a time then asked for help with choosing a new sweater pattern.

The three sweaters I've knit have all been from the same pattern with some changes to each one. I believe in approaching knitting patterns the way I approach recipes. Follow the directions as listed in the pattern/recipe the first time. It gives you a basis for knowing what your working with and if you like it. Anything after that is free game, I can add or subtract pattern elements/spices or fruits as I wish because I know the general way it is made.

So I knit the first sweater the way the pattern was written only allowing for factors such as my particular measurements like arm length. The second time I knit it for D but changed all the edges to ribbing. The third time I kept the edges from D's sweater but added a cable panel down the front. I used the same brand and weight of yarn for all three but changed up the colors.

For my next sweater I wanted something a little more challenging but not off the scale. I'm not sure I got that but I did get something a little different. I did leap in to the realm of new yarn. I am trying out Cascade 220 yarn for the first time. I am also mixing up the color just a bit. I am so hoping I like it. Oh and for some reason I got the urge to start a wool sweater on the hottest day of the year so far. I think I just might be a tad wacky.

I bought something I hope to turn into a gift for a friend also. I don't generally knit for other people because I don't want to see that "Oh how long do I have to keep this before I can throw it out" look in their eyes. I know what I like, I like to knit, so therefore I knit for myself. You can tell how true that is based on my previous post of my knit socks versus D's knit socks ratio. I had what, 29 pairs to his 2 pair. Poor D.

I was disappointed that I could not find solid color sock yarns, or many of them for that matter. Considering that I've been knitting for 3-4 years now and I have 2 plain color sock pairs you would think that many people get wooed a way by all the multi colored yarns out there. Oddly enough my two plain socks are both dark grey. Apparently when I don't want multi color I don't want any color. So that means my cycling socks have been put on hold till I can decide what will work for me. I am fighting the urge to buy grey yarn. I'm mulling options right now, and I seem to be happy with that.

The second half of my yarn invasion will be coming in the mail. Sunday night I talked myself into ordering some yarn online I had been wanting to try. Resistance is futile. It is plain color not crazy hand painted stuff so I am calling it an experiment/test stage for the cycling socks. I think it is partly because I was so happy to decide on sweater yarn that I forgot to get the sock yarn I first looked at in the local store, so you see I had to get the yarn on Sunday night. Think D will buy that story? Ah he knows how conservative I am with our money, He won't worry about a few things of yarn that ultimately turn into clothing anyways. Love you D

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