Saturday, August 29, 2009

School supplies - My obsession

My brain is definitely switching to fall thinking. Maybe it is my urge to knit wooly items or the school supplies on sale at all the stores.

Did I ever tell you of my love of school supplies? I buy something every year. I have a passion for Mead notebooks that I do not know how I acquired. I think there are 4 unused ones sitting around here, and I have not bought any in 2 years. One year I must have gotten high on paper fumes and bought half a dozen. There is just something about that brand that I love. I think it is the tear out perforated edge and the plastic tough will not rip cover. Something about them just makes me happy.

I also love a certain mechanical pencil that I buy only that type. It has a twist up eraser that I find most comforting. I hate the pencils that have a small "I only make a mistake once in a while" eraser. Lord knows I am not that perfect. Or worse they cover the eraser with a metal cap. Come on people the world is a crazy place mistakes are going to occur, own up to them and move on. Metal eraser covers are on my top ten useless/stupid items list. Why would someone waste time and thought on that?

I'm thinking this year's purchase is going to be a big one. I want a new backpack. D found my perfect bag and is using it for his actual school items. We used as our carry on when we went to England and I am totally in love with the bag. (Also my husband rocks in case you were wondering.) It is a year or so old so I am afraid that they have made changes to the design that I will not like. Darn you people that improve things all the time! Wait, except for the people that improve Mead notebooks, I love you guys.

My current hold up is price. I think that is another reason I love school supply time, I can get items I will use all year round for half the price. Makes my thrifty little heart sign with happiness. I think the back pack I am looking for is in the $40 to $50 price range. No matter how much I may love it or use it, my cheap little heart gasps at paying that much for a book bag, especially when I am no longer in school. So the book back stalking continues maybe I will be lucky enough to find it on sale some where.

Before I leave you I will tell you of our crazy sense of humor. One day I was out shopping in the school supplies and called D. "I'm in the school supplies and I need you to talk me down." He laughed hard at that one. Isn't it great when the one you love just "gets" you?

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