Monday, August 24, 2009


I am not what I would call a neat or tidy person. I have been known to leave dry clothes in the dry for a week. My car has receipts from a year or so ago in it. Vacuuming is not something that is on a daily or even weekly to do list.

I am the complete opposite at work. I can not stand papers that are not shuffled into a tidy card deck formation. Those off kilter paper corners that sometimes work their way out drive me crazy! I staple the papers together the very same way 99% of the time. I don't want to brag here but I can tell by the way the staple is oriented if I stapled it together. I like the look of a neat workspace. Oddly enough I can have papers strewn about while I am working on them but they must go into the folder a certain way.

Why am I so controlling about some things but not others? I ask myself this a lot. I did not even realize I had control issues till D pointed it out to me one day. I denied it till my brain caught up with my mouth and said Hey he's right.

So what do you do when you find out you're not the person you thought you were? Do you work hard to counteract your natural impulses or do you embrace who you really are? Me? I go with the controlling side. I am not neat or tidy maybe the little controlling bit that I do have is my way of cleaning up my personality flaw. What is so bad about liking the way papers stacked correctly look? As D says "If that is the worst that I do, it can't be that bad".

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