Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm getting twitchy

The new knitting project bug has apparently bit me. This time I may not need my usual dose of Benadryl. I am dreaming of a new sweater, cycling socks and thinking that another company Christmas party may require a new shawl. The hard part now seems to be figuring out specifics for the first two projects and figuring out if the last project is even doable at this point in time. Well that last part is not true I know it is doable, but is it doable with the other two in addition and finishing the two I have on the needles now?

I am definitely looking for something new to be a small challenge to me. I want to do a sweater a different way than the three I've made so far. I want to play with a new type of yarn and color for it also. I want something new and wooly for when the weather turns, if it ever turns to summer weather in the first place.

The cycling socks by Nancy Bush should be easier. I know the pattern so that is set. I am having the hardest time choosing and finding the colors. Once I decided on green, I could not find the right greens. It has color work in it for me to practice and I realize I've never been a color coordinated person. I have all these cool colored socks now and I never seem to match my shirts. On the odd day that I do actually match I end up realizing it at noon and being completely surprised.

I am one of those weird people that don't want to use different brands of yarn together. I need to have Louet with Louet, and Cascade with Cascade. I can not fathom why you would mix Louet and Cascade together, they might be slightly different thicknesses, or wear differently. The stress.

So when I find a main color green that I like I can not find a corresponding secondary green from the same maker. I am starting to think maybe I am a little bit odd and other people are not like this. Is yarn just yarn?

Maybe I am just enjoying a dreaming and thinking stage to me knitting that I secretly do not want to give up. OK I will admit a part of me is really enjoying all the possibilities without any of the work.

So I guess what I am saying now is D watch out for some yarn buying. I think an invasion is being planned.

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