Monday, August 10, 2009

What's in a name?

When we lived in South Carolina I came to appreciate a certain custom. People name their beach houses and boats there. Well people probably do that in other places too, but that was the first time I had seen the tradition. Recently I've seen boats named Knot Working and Judges Decision. Interestingly enough Judges Decision is up for sale. Guess whoever got it did not really want it?

I love to think about names. I will admit I am one of the worst namers out there. Not that I have a bad name just that I do not give good names. My horse was named Two Star, because (wait for it) she had two white "stars" on her forehead. Did I ever tell you that I think way to literally? My sheep names were also bad, Fluffy, Fuzzy Face and Fifi. Yeah I'm not sure what happened with Fifi either, at least I was consistent with the F names.

The hubby and I have a new naming game "What I would name my yarn store if I had one". Many of the current yarn store names out there are cute but not necessarily cleaver. By clever I mean a new play on words, like "Lost in Ewe". One online store I go to is called The Loopy Ewe, cute but not clever. (But still the best online sock yarn store I've found)

I guess I went through this when I named the blog. Well that is not entirely true, Hubby named the blog. Hey when you're not good at something it is always best to get advice from someone you trust. I thought it was great because it combined two of my loves, tea (kettle) and knitting (yarn), three when you add in who came up with it (my Hubby).

Now if I could just get the cats to start naming themselves. Actually that is not a good idea, I don't want to call the vet and make appointments for Meow 2 and Meow 3. My cats do have different voices. Jack sounds like he is asking questions, Merow? And Gus is a real man he makes more of a grunt, Mah. Gus sounds like he is ordering you to do things for him, "Clean Mah pan" and "Get Mah food".

The funny thing is when I was growing up on the farm our vehicles had name. Well not really, we called them by what color they were. We had a green pickup named "Green" and a blue pickup named "Blue". That is hard for me to do now because I have a blackberry(purple) colored car. I refuse to call her "Purple". Don't know why, just can't do it.

So now you know to never ask me what I think about someone's name. I'm still looking for the perfect yarn store name.

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  1. You should do a post on all the names we are planning for future pets and why... starting with Ragnar