Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The wanderer

So I wasted an hour on itunes last night. Sorry I did not waste it I just did not use my time as effectively as I could have.

Sometimes I like to go to places with a purpose and other times (read most times), I go places to wander. I commonly go to the library to get a video or book and end up getting six or seven other items. In all our moves I've called seven libraries home. When we move I am always lost for a little while, not because I do not understand the dewey decimal system but because I remember the location of books I want to read. They might be in the same order but the location within the library varies. Biographies were in the corner next to a table in Florida, now they are next to the magazines here. Mysteries were mixed in with the fiction in South Carolina, now they have their own little area. I found things based on where my wanderings took me within the stacks. Fiction usually lead me to want to find out more in the non-fiction area. A book mentioning a king of England would send me off to find a book about the history of Britain, or the genealogy of the royal family.

My life is guided by mood and current interest. Last night I got on itunes with the intent to look for a song a friend had recommended, two hours and six songs later I still need to go to bed and I have not found what I was originally looking for. Good news, I own a couple of Adam Ant songs that I never would have thought to look for. Goody Two Shoes is a great song, you know you secretly love it!

As a general rule I like being a wanderer. On the days I go to Target to buy toothpaste and get cat litter, shampoo, a birthday card and funky new kitchen towel but not toothpaste, I am not happy being a wanderer. That is why I am so for lists in my life. With a list I have a 50/50 shot at remembering the toothpaste.

You should see me in a yarn shop. It can be small or large I will still circle it three times before I will buy anything. I must make sure I saw it all. Just because I only buy a new needle set does not mean I will not be back next week to buy my next sweater's worth of yarn. I guess being a wanderer also makes me a ponderer. I like to ponder the possibilities before I jump in.

I think I will wander off now.

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