Sunday, August 23, 2009

My mojo - knitting

Well it seems that my mojo is back. I want to make sweaters. Do you think I might be an indicator for what type of winter we will have? You know how the timing of the changing of the leaves indicates what type of winter it will be? If I want to knit sweaters and knee high stockings, does that mean we will all be freezing our tushes off this winter? Or does that have more to do with my reading Russian lit?

Side note I did cook for D, but other than the tea and scones it was not my best effort. You will remember that means the end to "Crime and Punishment" did not live up to the hype. I am very proud to be able to say I have read that one. It will forever be a badge of honor for me. I can not say that I enjoyed it 100% but I am very glad to have that one under my belt. Oh and yeah I got some mystery ear candy to listen to in the car now.

I started knitting a new sweater for me last week. It is out of red heathers Cascade 220 yarn. I really broke out of my typical sweater color mold on this one. It is a nice deep red wine color. I was thinking of adding a cable or some such but I think I might let the color on this one take center stage.

D is just a bit jealous that I am knitting another one for me. The 30/2 sock pair ratio does not bother him but the 3/1 sweater ratio is bad. I keep telling him if he wants another one he needs to come to the store with me and pick out the color. I think he is on to me though, he knows there is no way that I will be in and out of a yarn store in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes happens to be his shopping experience tolerance limit. He once got me on a roller coaster by telling me it was only a minute from start to finish, "You can do it for a minute". That was true for me and I think that is what he keeps telling himself while I am shopping, only 4 more minutes, only 3 more minutes.

My saving grace right now is that his sock pair ratio number will be increasing shortly to 3. So it is not like I am totally selfish just mostly selfish. He does say that he likes one of the pairs for cycling. I think he might just be telling me that to get the new pair. We do what we must where knitting is concerned in this house.

Well that is all I am willing to say about my knitting at this time, happy knitting to you all.

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