Wednesday, August 15, 2012

South Dakota wants me to buy yarn

After our most recent trip I have come to the conclusion that South Dakota wants me to buy yarn there. Our flight was canceled the night before and as always I put the time to good use. My great Father in law allowed me an extra day of use on the car, Hubby and I headed off to the yarn shop

I don't feel comfortable taking pictures inside stores but I got one of the sign outside. Now I know I should have taken one of the building too. It is a big old house that started out as a parsonage. It was relocated from downtown Sioux Falls to its current location. It had been a Bed and Breakfast and a Tea Shop too. Hey if you're going to lose a tea shop it might as well be turned into a yarn store.

Hubby was very happy to have a large sitting area to relax in with a nice clerk to talk to. She kept him entertained while I shopped. Good thing too because I am an indecisive color picker. D says the sitting area was so nice because it was in a large pleasant room. Some yarn stores are no bigger than closets.

I managed to narrow down my choices and I will show them to you in another post. I'm still trying to decide if they will work with the patterns I thought or if I want to change it up a bit.

If you have to spend an extra day in South Dakota I know where you should go for stash enhancement.

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